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Study in Hungary HEC Hungarian Scholarship Latest

Study in Hungary HEC Hungarian Scholarship. In a stride towards academic excellence, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad opens doors to fully funded educational opportunities for Pakistani students through the Hungarian Scholarship Programme (2024-25). This initiative, launched by the Hungarian Government under the Higher Education and Scientific Exchange Programme, extends its support to undergraduates, Master’s, and Ph.D. aspirants.

The HEC Hungaricum Scholarship Program (2024-25)

Administered collaboratively by HEC, Pakistan, and the Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary, the Hungarian Scholarship Programme aims to foster international education. This year, the application window is set to close on January 15, 2024. Prospective candidates with valid HAT or USAT scores are eligible, while those without can apply for the upcoming test in January/February.

Scholarship Types and Coverage

HEC Hungaricum Scholarship Types

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships cater to various academic levels:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree (after 12 years of education)
  2. One-Tier Master’s Degree (after 12 years of education)
  3. Master’s Degree (after 16 years of education)
  4. Ph.D. Degree (after 18 years of education)

HEC Hungarian Scholarship Coverage

Tuition-Free Education

Successful applicants enjoy a waiver from tuition fees, ensuring an affordable yet high-quality education.

Monthly Stipend

For Bachelors and Masters Scholarships, a monthly stipend of HUF 43,700/- (approx. EUR 130) is provided. Doctoral candidates receive HUF 140,000/- (approx. EUR 415) for the first phase and HUF 180,000 (approx. EUR 530) for the second phase, covering 12 months a year until the completion of studies.


Students are offered either a dormitory place or a monthly contribution of HUF 40,000 towards accommodation.

Medical Insurance

A comprehensive medical insurance package is included, covering health care services according to relevant Hungarian legislation.

Eligibility Criteria

Study in Hungary HEC Hungarian Scholarship, To be eligible for the HEC Hungarian Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Pakistan/AJ&K.
  • Age between 18-22 years for undergraduate programs and not exceeding 35 years for postgraduate Master’s (18 years) and Ph.D. programs by January 15, 2024.
  • Completion of HSSC/Intermediate or equivalent for Bachelor’s application.
  • Completion of 16 years of education for Master’s application.
  • Completion of 18 years of education for Ph.D. application.
  • Submission of attested certificates/transcripts/degrees by relevant authorities such as IBCC and HEC.
  • Mandatory submission of IELTS/TOEFL scores where applicable.
  • Submission of a medical certificate demonstrating satisfactory health condition.
  • Commitment to return to Pakistan and serve the country for a prescribed period after completing the degree.

Application Process

Prospective applicants are required to follow a meticulous online application process on both the Hungarian and HEC websites. Submission of hard copies and other documents is not necessary initially. However, applicants must retain records of all submitted documents for later stages of the selection process. Study in Hungry HEC Hungaricum Scholarship.

Important Points for Applicants

  • Hard copies of applications and documents will be required at a later stage.
  • Applicants must submit both online application forms on HEC and Tempus Public Foundation websites.
  • In-depth documentation, including attested copies of original documents, medical certificates, and police clearance certificates, will be necessary during the selection process.


The HEC Hungarian Scholarship Programme opens a gateway to a world-class education for Pakistani students. The fully funded scholarships not only cover tuition fees but also provide a generous monthly stipend, accommodation support, and comprehensive medical insurance. The eligibility criteria ensure a fair selection process, and the application process is streamlined for the convenience of applicants.

In pursuit of academic excellence and international exposure, this scholarship program stands as a beacon of opportunity for ambitious individuals in Pakistan. Study in Hungary HEC Hungaricum Scholarship, For those seeking to broaden their horizons and contribute to the nation’s progress, the HEC Hungarian Scholarships offer a transformative educational experience.

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