You are currently viewing CSS 2023 Final Result – Are You A Successful Candidate?

CSS 2023 Final Result – Are You A Successful Candidate?

The time CSS 2023 final result aspirants have been waiting so anxiously is finally over! Let’s delve into the detailed statistics and outcomes of the CSS examination for 2023.


The CSS 2023 Final Result is out, marking the culmination of months of anticipation and hard work for thousands of aspirants. In this article, we’ll dissect the key statistics, outcomes, and further information regarding the CSS 2023 examination.

CSS 2023 Final Result Statistics

Let’s start by examining the numbers that define the CSS 2023 Final Result:

Candidates Appeared13008
Candidates Passed401
Candidates Qualified After Viva Voce386
Male Candidates234
Female Candidates152
Pass % of Final Qualified Candidates2.96%
Candidates Recommended for Appointment210
Male Candidates Recommended126
Female Candidates Recommended84

The statistics reveal the competitive nature of the CSS examination, with only a small percentage of candidates making it through the rigorous selection process.

CSS 2023 Final Result Out Now – Download PDF

The roll numbers and names of the 401 Finally Qualified Candidates of CSS Competitive Examination 2023 are available for download in the PDF below, listed in the order of merit. Click Here to Download CSS 2023 – Final Result

Further Information

It’s essential to understand the additional details and procedures associated with the CSS 2023 Final Result:

  • The marks obtained by candidates will be displayed on FPSC’s website.
  • Success in this examination does not guarantee appointment, as character and antecedents verification are mandatory.
  • The Commission ensures accuracy in the compilation of results but reserves the right to rectify any errors or omissions.

Are You A Successful Candidate?

Understanding the Pass Percentage

With a pass percentage of 2.96%, securing a position in the final qualified candidates’ list is no small feat. It underscores the dedication and competence of those who cleared the CSS 2023 examination.

Recommended Appointments

Out of the qualified candidates, 210 have been recommended for appointment to posts in BS-17 under the Federal Government across various Groups/Services. This recommendation is a testament to their potential to serve in esteemed positions within the bureaucracy.

Verifying Results

While the CSS 2023 Final Result brings jubilation for many, it’s crucial to remember that success in the examination is just the first step. Appointment to government positions is contingent upon the verification of character and antecedents as per legal requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the pass percentage for CSS 2023?

The pass percentage for CSS 2023 is 2.96%, reflecting the rigorous selection process and the competitive nature of the examination.

How many candidates have been recommended for appointment?

Out of the qualified candidates, 210 have been recommended for appointment to various government positions in BS-17.

Is success in the CSS examination a guarantee of appointment?

No, success in the CSS examination does not guarantee appointment. Candidates must undergo character and antecedents verification as per legal requirements.

Where can I find the CSS 2023 Final Result?

The CSS 2023 Final Result, including the list of qualified candidates, can be downloaded from the provided link.

How accurate are the CSS examination results?

The Commission takes due care to ensure accuracy and correctness in the compilation of CSS examination results. However, it reserves the right to rectify any errors or omissions.

How can I stay informed about future CSS updates?

Stay informed about future CSS updates through jobscornar Blogs and official social media handles, ensuring you never miss important announcements.


Congratulations to all the successful candidates of the CSS 2023 examination! Your achievement is commendable and marks the beginning of an exciting journey in public service. For those who didn’t make it this time, don’t lose heart. With dedication and perseverance, success is within reach.

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