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State Life Insurance Jobs 2024 for Trainee Officers

Explore the latest State Life Insurance Jobs 2024 for Trainee Officers in Pakistan. Learn about career opportunities, eligibility criteria, salary packages, and how to apply for these exciting positions. Don’t miss out on this chance for young graduates to kickstart their careers in the life insurance industry.


Embark on a rewarding journey with State Life Insurance Jobs 2024, offering unparalleled career opportunities for fresh graduates. This comprehensive guide delves into the latest career openings, eligibility criteria, salary packages, and the application process for aspiring Trainee Officers.

State Life Insurance Jobs Advertisement Overview

Discover the details of the State Life Insurance Jobs 2024 advertisement published on January 07th, 2024. Learn about the application deadline, eligibility criteria, and the focus on inviting applications from fresh graduates.

State Life Insurance Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Uncover the specifics of the openings for 20 PHS Trainee Officers (Post Graduates), 20 PHS Trainee Officers (Graduates), and 10 Finance and Accounts/Internal Audit Trainees for both Intermediate and Graduates.

Eligibility Criteria

Understand the minimum qualification requirements, including post-graduation/MBA or Graduation/BBA from HEC-recognized universities. Delve into the importance of a minimum CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 and the maximum age limit set at 30 years.

State Life Insurance Jobs Salary Package

Explore the enticing salary packages for different categories of Trainee Officers, emphasizing the monthly stipends for Post Graduate and Graduate Trainee Officers, as well as Finance & Accounts/Internal Audit Trainees.

Application Process

Guide potential candidates through the application process, urging them to download application forms from the official website of Pakistan Testing Services (PTS). Emphasize the significance of submitting the PTS application fee and providing all required documents along with the fee deposit slip.

State Life Insurance Jobs 2024 for Trainee Officers: A Golden Opportunity

Seize the opportunity presented by State Life Insurance Jobs 2024, specially tailored for young and talented graduates. This section delves into the significance of these roles in shaping a promising career within the life insurance industry.

Career Opportunities for Young Graduates

Highlight the broader career prospects that State Life Insurance Jobs offer to young and talented graduates. Discuss how these roles serve as stepping stones to a successful and fulfilling career in the insurance sector.

Latest State Life Insurance Corporation Career Opportunities

Explore the latest career opportunities within the State Life Insurance Corporation, shedding light on the organization’s commitment to nurturing new talent and providing a platform for growth.

Applying for State Life Insurance Jobs 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigate aspiring candidates through the application process with a detailed step-by-step guide, ensuring they understand the crucial elements required for a successful application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I apply for State Life Insurance Jobs 2024?

  • To apply, download the application forms from the official PTS website. Complete the forms, attach the necessary documents, and submit them with the original fee deposit slip to the specified address.

2. What is the application deadline for State Life Insurance Jobs?

  • The deadline for submission of applications is January 22, 2024. Ensure your application reaches the designated address before this date.

3. Can Fresh Graduates apply for PHS Trainee Officer positions?

  • Yes, both fresh graduates and those who have passed intermediate can submit applications for PHS Trainee Officer positions.

4. What is the monthly stipend for Finance & Accounts/Internal Audit Trainees?

  • The Monthly Stipend for Intermediate/Level Trainees is Rs. 35,000 per month, and for Graduates/BBAs, it is Rs. 45,000 per month.

5. Is there an age limit for applying to State Life Insurance Jobs 2024?

  • Yes, the maximum age limit for all positions is 30 years.

6. Can I submit the PTS application fee in any bank branch?

  • Yes, the PTS application fee can be submitted to any branch of HBL or UBL.


In conclusion, State Life Insurance Jobs 2024 presents a golden opportunity for young graduates to launch their careers in the thriving life insurance industry. The diverse openings, competitive salary packages, and straightforward application process make this an enticing proposition for aspiring Trainee Officers. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape a successful future with State Life Insurance.

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