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Ministry of Defence MOD Jobs 2024 Latest

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In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Defence in Pakistan has opened its doors for aspiring individuals to join the esteemed MOD Jobs 2024. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth understanding of the available positions, eligibility criteria, application process, and essential details for prospective candidates.

MOD Jobs 2024 List of Vacancies

Assistant DirectorsBS-17
Traffic Analyst SupervisorBS-16
Traffic AnalystBS-14
Sub InspectorBS-14
Security Sub InspectorBS-14
Upper Division ClerksBS-11
Lower Division ClerksBS-09
Operator SpecialBS-09
Technical MonitoringBS-09
Security Assistant Sub InspectorBS-09
Security SupervisorBS-07

MOD Jobs 2024 Eligibility Criteria


Candidates must possess a minimum qualification of Masters (MA/MSC/BS), Graduation (14 Years of Education), Intermediate, or Matric from recognized institutes.

Age Limit

The maximum age limit for applicants is 35 years as of the closing date of applications.


Both males and females are eligible to apply, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the recruitment process.

Ministry of Defence Jobs 2024 Application Fee Details

To apply for MOD Jobs 2024, candidates need to be aware of the application fee structure:

  • Rs. 2000/- for Posts in BS-17
  • Rs. 1500/- for posts in BS-14 to 16
  • Rs. 1200 for posts in BS-9 to BS-11
  • Rs. 850 for BS-7 post

The fee can be paid through various channels, including participating banks, ATMs, Internet Banking, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, UPaisa, and TCS express counters. It is essential to use the 20-digit invoice number generated in the fee slip, and only one bill invoice payment will be accepted. Candidates must ensure eligibility before applying as the deposited fee is nonrefundable and non-transferable.

Ministry of Defence Jobs 2024 Minimum Qualification

If you have passed Minimum Masters (16 Years of Education), Graduation (14 Years), Intermediate, or Matric from Recognized Institutes/Boards, you are eligible to apply for these prestigious positions.

Expert Insights on MOD Jobs 2024

Navigating the Recruitment Process

Embarking on a career with the Ministry of Defence offers a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to the nation’s security and development. The diverse range of vacancies caters to individuals with different educational backgrounds and experiences.

Unveiling Career Paths: A Closer Look at Vacancies

Assistant Directors (BS-17)

These leadership roles require individuals with advanced qualifications and experience. As an Assistant Director, you play a pivotal role in decision-making and strategic planning within the Ministry of Defence.

Traffic Analyst Supervisor (BS-16)

For those with a knack for analyzing data and ensuring smooth traffic operations, the Traffic Analyst Supervisor position provides an avenue to showcase your supervisory skills.

Operator Special (BS-09)

This role requires specialized skills and expertise. Operators Specialized in particular areas contribute significantly to the MOD’s operational efficiency.

FAQs on MOD Jobs 2024

Q: Can foreign nationals apply for MOD Jobs 2024?

Yes, the announcement explicitly mentions that applications are invited from the Citizens of Pakistan, implying that foreign nationals are not eligible.

Q: Is there any relaxation in the age limit for specific categories?

The provided information does not indicate any age limit relaxation for specific categories. All applicants must adhere to the maximum age limit of 35 years.

Q: What is the significance of the Security Supervisor role (BS-07)?

The Security Supervisor plays a crucial role in maintaining security protocols within the Ministry of Defence, overseeing security personnel and ensuring a secure environment.

Q: Are there any allowances or perks associated with these positions?

The announcement doesn’t explicitly mention allowances or perks. However, government positions typically come with standard benefits and allowances.

Q: Can candidates from all provinces apply for MOD Jobs 2024?

Yes, the announcement does not specify any provincial restrictions. Citizens from all provinces in Pakistan are eligible to apply.

Q: Is there a specific format for the application, or is it online?

The provided information does not detail the application format. Candidates are advised to refer to the official advertisement for specific application instructions.


The Ministry of Defence MOD Jobs 2024 presents a golden opportunity for individuals seeking to serve their country in various capacities. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to carefully review the outlined vacancies, eligibility criteria, and application details to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

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