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Latest PPSC Jobs 2024

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The Latest PPSC Jobs 2024 presents a golden opportunity for individuals seeking positions in various departments, including the Punjab Workers Welfare Fund, Labour & Human Resource Department, Punjab Employees Social Security Institution, and Punjab Special Education Department. In this article, we’ll guide you through the application process, key posts available, and essential details to ensure you have the best shot at these coveted positions.

Application Process: Your First Step Toward Success

The journey to securing a position in the Latest PPSC Jobs 2024 begins with understanding the application process. Before delving into the details of available positions, it’s crucial to note that all information shared on the PPSC’s official website is authentic. Aspiring candidates should rely solely on details provided by the commission to avoid misinformation.

Online Application Submission

To kickstart your application, deposit the required fees through authorized mediums, including ATMs, Mobile Phone Banking, Internet Banking, and various micro-finance banks. It’s imperative to utilize only the specified channels, such as Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, and U Paisa. Remember, the closing date for online applications is 26th January 2024.

Available Positions: A Comprehensive Overview

Dive into the diverse array of opportunities available in the Latest PPSC Jobs 2024. Explore the specifics of each post, such as the Secondary School Teacher (Urdu and English) on a contract basis for five years, Medical Officer, Dental Surgeon, Woman Medical Officer, Headmaster/Headmistress in the Hearing Impaired Field, Litigation Officer, Lecturer (Islamic Studies, Pak Studies, Punjabi, English), and Subject Specialist.

Secondary School Teacher (Urdu & English)

For those passionate about education, the positions of Secondary School Teachers in Urdu and English offer a chance to contribute to the academic growth of students. These contract-based roles for five years require dedicated individuals with excellent teaching skills.

Medical Officer, Dental Surgeon, Woman Medical Officer

Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to serve the community through roles like Medical Officer, Dental Surgeon, and Woman Medical Officer. These positions in the Punjab Employees Social Security Institution provide a platform to make a significant impact on public health.

Headmaster/Headmistress (Hearing Impaired Field)

The Punjab Special Education Department welcomes candidates for the role of Headmaster/Headmistress in the Hearing Impaired Field (BS-18). This position requires expertise in special education and a commitment to creating an inclusive learning environment.

Litigation Officer, Lecturer (Islamic Studies, Pak Studies, Punjabi, English), Subject Specialist

Legal enthusiasts can explore opportunities as a Litigation Officer, while those inclined towards academia can apply for positions as Lecturers and Subject Specialists. These roles in diverse subjects cater to individuals with expertise in their respective fields.

Essential Guidelines for Aspirants

To enhance your chances of success, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Trust only the information on the official PPSC website to ensure accuracy.
  2. Be prepared for the Shorthand Test and Typing & Proficiency Test, conducted exclusively in Lahore.
  3. Note that no fresh applications will be invited in case of variation in the number of posts by the concerned department.
  4. Deposit application fees using authorized mediums mentioned earlier.

Application Process

To apply for PPSC Jobs 2024, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official PPSC website at
Step 2: Navigate to the Jobs Section, select your desired post, and click on Apply Online
Step 3: Fill out the application form with required details
Step 4: Submit the PPSC application fee of Rs. 600 through JazzCash or Easypaisa
Step 5: Revisit your desired post, enter your CNIC number, and upload the necessary documents
Step 6: Review the provided information and click on Submit to complete the application process

FAQs: Addressing Your Concerns

Is the information shared on sources other than the PPSC’s website reliable?

Not. Rely only on information provided by the PPSC to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Where will the Shorthand Test and Typing & Proficiency Test be held?

These tests will exclusively take place in Lahore.

Will fresh applications be invited if the number of posts varies?

No, in case of any increase or decrease in the number of posts, no fresh applications will be invited.

What are the recommended mediums for fee deposition?

Candidates are advised to deposit fees online through authorized channels, including ATMs, Mobile Phone Banking, Internet Banking, and designated bank branches.

When is the closing date for online applications?

Ensure you submit your online application by 26th January 2024, before the closing date.

Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

Yes, candidates can apply for multiple positions based on their qualifications and preferences.


The Latest PPSC Jobs 2024 presents a multitude of opportunities for individuals seeking career growth in various departments. By following the outlined guidelines, understanding the application process, and preparing diligently, you can position yourself as a strong contender for these coveted positions. Trust the official PPSC website, stay updated, and embark on your journey towards a fulfilling career.

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