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Admission open for BS Nursing in Sindh

Admission is open for BS Nursing in Sindh. Embarking on a career in nursing is a significant decision, and if you’re considering pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Sindh, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the admission process, and eligibility criteria, and provide valuable insights into nursing colleges in Sindh.

Admission Requirements

Sindh Domicile

To be eligible for admission, candidates must hold a valid Sindh domicile. This ensures that individuals with a genuine connection to the region have the opportunity to contribute to the local healthcare system.

Matric (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Prospective students should have successfully completed their Matriculation with a focus on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This academic background sets the foundation for understanding the core principles of nursing.

FSC (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

In addition to Matric, candidates need to have completed their FSC with a concentration in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This educational requirement ensures a strong grasp of the sciences essential for nursing education.

Age (14-35)

Aspiring nursing students should fall within the age bracket of 14 to 35 years. This criterion aims to bring in individuals with the right balance of youthful energy and maturity required for the nursing profession.

List of Nursing Colleges for Male

  1. College of Nursing (Male) Korengi Karachi
    • Explore the vibrant city of Karachi while pursuing your nursing education at this esteemed institution.
  2. College of Nursing (Male) Laiquat Abad Karachi
    • Liaquat Abad offers a unique learning environment, enriching the educational experience.
  3. College of Nursing (Male) Layari Karachi
    • Immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of Layari while receiving top-notch nursing training.
  4. College of Nursing (Male) Larkana
    • Larkana provides a serene backdrop for focused studies and skill development in nursing.
  5. Sir C.J College of Nursing (Male) Hyderabad
    • Benefit from the historical significance of Hyderabad while pursuing a rewarding nursing career.
  6. College of Nursing (Male) Jacob Abad
    • Jacob Abad opens doors to comprehensive nursing education in a supportive academic setting.

List of Nursing Colleges for Female

  1. Dr. Ruth KM Pfau College of Nursing (Female) Karachi
    • Named after a pioneer in healthcare, this college offers a nurturing environment for aspiring female nurses.
  2. Ayyaz Simo College of Nursing (Female) Layari Karachi
    • Layari provides a unique setting for female students to thrive in their nursing journey.
  3. Qatar College of Nursing (Female) Karachi
    • Qattar College is committed to empowering female nurses with quality education and training.
  4. College of Nursing (Female) Thatha
    • Thatha’s serene ambiance complements the focus on academic excellence in nursing education.
  5. College of Nursing (Female) Badain
    • Badain offers a holistic approach to nursing education, fostering both academic and personal growth.
  6. Liaquat College of Nursing (Female) Jamshoro
    • Jamshoro provides a conducive environment for female nursing students to excel in their studies.
  7. College of Nursing (Female) Mir Pur Khas
    • Mir Pur Khas offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity in nursing education.
  8. College of Nursing (Female) Sangarh
    • Sangarh’s College of Nursing is dedicated to shaping skilled and compassionate female nurses.
  9. College of Nursing (Female) Sukkur
    • Sukkur provides a supportive community for female nursing students to achieve their professional goals.

How to Apply

Applying for BS Nursing in Sindh is a straightforward process.

  1. Download Challan Form
    • Obtain the Challan form from the official website.
  2. Submit 600/- Rs Fees in the Bank
    • Deposit the required fee of 600/- Rs in the designated bank.
  3. Apply Online from the Given Link
    • Complete the online application using the provided link, attaching the necessary documents.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there an age limit for admission?

There is an age limit of 14 to 35 years for admission to BS Nursing in Sindh.

Can non-residents of Sindh apply for admission?

No, only candidates with a valid Sindh domicile are eligible for admission.

Are there any specific requirements for female applicants?

Female applicants need to fulfill the same academic criteria as male applicants, including Matric and FSC with a focus on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

How long does the application process take?

The application process involves downloading the Challan form, depositing the fee, and applying online. The entire process can be completed within a few days.

Are scholarships available for nursing students?

Yes, some nursing colleges may offer scholarships or financial aid. It’s advisable to check with the specific college for details.

What sets nursing colleges in Sindh apart?

Nursing colleges in Sindh provide a unique blend of academic excellence, hands-on training, and a supportive environment that prepares students for a successful nursing career.


Embarking on a journey towards a nursing career in Sindh opens doors to diverse opportunities and experiences. The nursing colleges mentioned above not only provide quality education but also foster an environment where students can thrive personally and professionally. If you’re passionate about making a difference in healthcare, this is your chance to shine.

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